Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SBS You and I

SEEMS LIKE THIS WILL BE THE FIRST BIZZY'S ACTIVITY UPDATES FOR MY HUMBLE BLOG! LOL~! Today, Bizzy tweeted this "U and I~~! till tha day we die~~!! ". At first, I thought he tweeted some random lyrics. But then when I thought about it again, his tweets were like a riddle. He's always with his indirect and unclear tweets. His followers always mistook his tweets. In fact, it his indirect way to tell us what is happening to him. I'm not sure, though but that's what I see. Lol~! Anyway, then, I tweeted him back "Oh! SBS You & I??". And he said "U got it again~~! zzang~" SEE! I TOLD YA! Lol~!

Then, I looked over the Twitter and Facebook if there any updates about the show. Just then, I found some photos uploaded by 탬공주 (Tham Gong Ju) . Thanks to her. I got the photos for proof. lol~! I'm not sure about who is she but from her info, she's working at Jungle Entertainment. Maybe she's a trainee. (?) And she also featured in one of M.I.B's 'Celebrate' remixes in M.I.B's album. 

"Done with rehersal. 
Bizzy oppa, TEM, TigerJK oppa!
오늘 짱 좋은 경험이였어용!!!!~~~
TigerJ오빠 & 비지오빠 진짜 짱짱짱 멋있고 대~~박 착해유~ =] 사랑합니당당당!! ♥"

"대기실에서 모니터중~~~ ^^"

THEREFORE, it's confirmed that BIZZY gonna be on SBS YOU & I. I'm not sure when they will air the show and who else gonna be on the show with him (other than Tiger JK) but I'll ask Bizzy about it. Keep updating! BIZZY THIS BIZZY THAT!

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