Thursday, 2 August 2012

BIZZY attended Shinhwa's Min Woo's birthday party

 photo credit: allaboutshinhwa [Tumblr]

photo credit : [Naver blog]

The tittle explains everything. Tiger JK & Bizzy were invited to Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo's Dignity Birthday Party. Heard that the party was really fun! Oh! Lee Min Woo's birthday was on July 28 but the party was held on July 29th. Oh! It was on Tiger JK's birthday. Check out the fancams below. Thanks to a few of BizzyBTBT's followers for giving me some fancams. ^^

cr: Hyejin Claire PARK 

cr: Illrukbat

cr: saranghaebin

cr: arum kim

cr : Hyejin Claire PARK

Perhaps you guys found more fancams/fanpics. Share it with us! Check out Drunken Tiger Brasil for more fancams :) 

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