Thursday, 2 August 2012

SK Telekom CF [T Freemium]

 About 20 days ago (Lol), I posted this video and spazzed about it on my twitter. I found it right after SK Telekom's official twitter tweeted it. I keep watching it again, again and again. Lol~! Are you doing the same thing? I bet you are. Oh please~! How can you stand with these two men's hotness? I just can't, I really can't stand it. Lol~! Drunken Tiger's Brasil fanbase told me that it's kinda like a parody of Drunken Tiger's "60 Percenta Zen".BTW, click HERE to go to a blog that contains the making off picture. Happy watching & spazzing! Lol~! BTBT!

Credits:    @SKTworld [Twitter]
@DrunkenTigerBR [Twitter]
Salon Rouge's blog [Naver Blog]
TworldTV's channel [YouTube]

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